REVIEW: Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

So I have been using Adobe products for quite some time now. When the Adobe Creative Cloud came out I jumped at the chance to save money and stay updated with the latest technology. I have got to say I have yet to be disappointed. However, I have used many other programs and feel like I can write an unbiased review.

First I would like to point out that downloading and installing what you need and want out of the master suite couldn’t be easier. A simple and small list like interface that gives you the list of what you can have and if it is installed, install if its not already, and update it if an update is available.

The programs are all as expected, no real need to go into those. Only real mention needed here is that it has been pushed to get as much out of your money as possible. For example recently they gave cloud users Acrobat Pro X. If you purchase any of the mobile apps and link them to the cloud account for cloud storage they they give you a discount off your bill for a month.

They really push the use of all the programs as a whole experience. I find it to be a great experience. Compared to other programs, most of which are cheaper or even free, the Adobe programs stand out. They are way more advanced in the areas of usability and functionality. Indeed worth the money.

So what else is up with this whole cloud thing? You get a boost of storage space in the cloud, for starters. This cloud can connect to the mobile apps and connected by using a web interface. You get add net amount of storage, 20gigs if I remember right. Doesn’t sound like much, but if your just using it for your Adobe mobile apps, it’s more then plenty, and you can upgrade if you really do need more.

That’s it? No, not really. You get some site hosting with business catalyst. I have only played a little with this as it is a unique experience in itself. It is like using dream weaver to connect to a CMS system and an interface that connects to that has all sorts of business features including tracking. I’m thinking I want to do a side project just to get more experience with business catalyst and what it can do. Maybe start a resolution to start using it for professional projects as apposed to. WordPress. Maybe even a set of themes just for catalyst. Anyhow, I digress. You get access to a few of these sites, so that’s pretty cool.

One of the biggest and greatest advantages, cannot even be calculated in an awesome or freakin’ sweet meter. There is no way to measure the magnitude of this benefit. Having a Creative Cloud membership, keeps you up to date. Big whoop right, buying CS6 and being legit will keep your CS6 up to date. That’s not what I mean. If CS6.5 or CS7 comes out, your account will automatically have it. You stay up to date to the latest version period. Paying monthly not only saves you money, but before your done paying the full price of the master suite, you start over, so your savings is infinite if you continually say in a membership. This can only be measured if your membership is canceled. This means there’s no risk in getting it now and knowing the next version is coming out in x amount of time. You’ll get it, at no extra cost.

So that’s my review, two thumbs up and a big ol’ cheese. I suggest this to everyone, as its important to invest in yourself. Adobe finally made pricing for people, not just companies. Kudos Adobe…. Kudos, and thank you!

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